I am in search of a fairly tale,
in search of that perfect prince charming,
who’s going to sweep me of the ground,
to the back of his white horse
and ride off to forever happiness.

with a body like
Christian Ronaldo,
A face like John Legend
not to forget the lips
and the dimples.

whose mouth utters
a perfect dialect like
Eugene Wamalwa,
And if he can work out
A melody like Anto Neo Soul
The better.

who will not be afraid
To shed a few tears
and declare his love for me,
Just like Maxmiliano did for Maria
Or Diego for Paloma.

Whose bank account and assets
exceed Richard Brandson.
From coast to coast we will land in private jets.
Breakfast in Lamu Tamu,
lunch in Lokichogio
And enjoy the sun set
In Kisumu city.

Diamonds and Sapphires will be just but toys.
My perfect, perfect prince charming…

But then. ..

I am not a resident of fairly land,
With a fairly godmother to change my fate with her magic wand,
my tale to be told in fairly tales,
My skin nothing close to snow whites,
And my hair lacks even a single strand of Raponzos magical hair.

I am not rich and influential like Oprah Winfry,
Neither can I shake my booty like Beyonce.
I am just an ordinary girl,
In search of an ordinary man
who’s going to make me feel extra ordinary.