Boy in the band

Boy in the band.

It amazingly how times fly, it feels like just yesterday when I quit school and packed my stuff and moved to Nairobi. My friends think am crazy and the fact that my parents don’t know that I dumped college a year after enrolling makes them think I am totally out of my mind. Don’t get me wrong I love studying but biochemistry was just not me, looking back I think I choose it to please my dad who thought a career in tourism was a waste of time and money, But still looking back I am glad I never got to apply for it coz I would have never realised my true passion.

I always knew I could act since I could walk and talk. I recall my mother sending me to the shop and along the way I created this characters in my head and played them myself, shutting my mouth up when someone approached me list they got the idea that little Lulu had gone nuts. But it was not until college I realised my full potential as an actress. I was glad to leave home and join campus …freedom oh freedom , how I had dreamt of the day I will meet you, sleepless nights I spent making plans for us. ..
And that’s where my love for acting and art in general blossomed after joining the campus drama club . A year later I handed my letter of an academic break to the Dean of studies packed my few belogings and moved to Nairobi where I am having a time of my life. after play ,film after film I am totaly flooded with options. And when not on stage or on set music concerts, coffee dates,lazy afternoon at the park with a few cans of redds and a novel takes up my free time.

It had been raining the whole morning and I didn’t have plans till late in the evenning so I stayed in bed all morning,Skiza Musica lead singer Kent had invited me to their concert and being the loner that I am I ended at the allionce Francie gardens all alone but then it was a concert whether alone or not I was expecting a crowd and I would get to mingle with strangers and no one would realise I was alone because I was a pro at playing mingle. Being a friend with the performers or just waking into an auditorium and a few people recognizes you has it’s own advantage because I ended up in the VIP section.I had arrived early and skiza musica were on the stage working on their equipment and sound check and as I paved my way through the empty sits to find myself the perfect table, Kent waved at me and winked. I winked back, made myself comfortable and gladly sipped the wine that was being offered at the VIP. Skiza Musica left the stage;people walked in in groups, couples holding hands and few of them just like I had, walked in alone and settled down. Whispered murmurs could be heard floating in the air as the last musicians checked their equipments. I was so engrossed in my study of the people coming in the
auditorium that when Kent tapped my shoulder I almost jumped out of my sit with fright.He beckoned me to follow him and I did to the backstage where his band were dressing up for the stage and said hello to them.I had not seen them in three months since they had been touring and performing in Europe.
” Heard you’ve been making headlines and creating a buzz around this place, “Juma teased me.
” Not as much as you did in Europe Juma, I hear the ladies are having a hard time shaking you out of their system.” I retorted back.
“You know me, ladies just can’t behave when i am around.” He continued.

Before i could say any thing else Kent interrupted our little tease game and grabbed me by the arm leading me to the offices. I had to meet some friends they had come with from Netherlands and were supposed to be having a series of performances around town while still trying to agree whether to shoot one of their music video in the country. Kent introduced us and the guys took me in quite well.They were a trio of fun guys though they told me their lead Singer was left behind and was flying in the following morning for their first performance at the blankets and wine.
“Why don’t you come with us there? It would be nice to have a familiar person with us since we don’t know anyone else and after our show we can sit on our blankets and enjoy afew glasses of wine.” Bruce offered me.
I remained silent for a while thinking about his offer not that i had much to think about. Blankets and wines has always been a family or a group of friends affair and considering that my list of friends i could picture spending an afternoon picnic with while dancing to live music was limited and the fact that i didn’t have my own family yet had kept me from attending any of the blankets and wine monthly concerts.
“Giving this guys company wouldn’t hurt .”I thought to myself, after all i didn’t have any plans the following day neither did i have anyone to report to my daily activities; one of the advantages of being single and God knows i had been working too hard i needed a Sunday of nothing but music new friends and lots of wine!
“That would be nice Bruce.Though you should be warned i am a paparazzi magnet and i hear there are usually loads of them at the concert.”
“Good for us then.that means you have a fun base for them to be plastering your face all over the papers and that could be an advantage for us,you could be our Muse.”Louis cut in.

A few minutes later the concert started and we all got into the auditorium, we shared my VIP table with the trio and enjoyed the music being played together though most of the time i found my self translating Swahili songs to them.Skiza musica were the last to perform and as always they had people on their feet dancing to their drumbeats and Kent’s melodious voice. After the concert we all headed at pizza inn for pizza while enjoying Nairobi at night,a feature i had fallen in love with my first night in the city. Nairobi was so different at night than during the day maybe it was the neon lights that lined the casinos and clubs or the street lights that religiously came to live at six o’clock or maybe it was the reduced human traffic and i didn’t have to bump on strangers while walking or it was the cool breeze that ran through my hair and caressed my skin, I just loved Nairobi at night. After the pizza we all said goodnight and went our separate ways promising to meet the trio in the morning at their hotel so that we could go together at the Mamba village.

Since my pictures started appearing in magazines, all over the internet and my face almost in every stage plays and local movies being shown in Nairobi, local designers are keeping my closet full and spoiling me with options of what to wear.i was a walking bill board for them but as long as i liked what i wore i didn’t mind.Choosing what to wear to the blanket and wines was not an issue, a month ago i had received a package from a relatively new designer in town.It was a beautiful backless plain pale blue sun dress which had a long floral scarf and a wide brimed weaved hat to match the dress. I fell in love with it and i had been saving it for the perfect day to wear it. I packed two Masai blankets in my picnic basket and left the house.I passed by the supermarket to buy some snacks and my favorite bottle of sherry before heading to the hotel. I looked at my wrist watch and called for a cub before Bruce and the guys decided i had changed my mind.

The girl at the reception recognized me and asked me for a autograph before directing me to the suite i was heading the door i rang the bell and just before i had placed my hand back the door yanked open and i found myself staring at the most beautiful blue eyes i had ever seen. I tried to say something but my tongue failed me, my mouth felt dry and somewhere in my mind words crashed with each other and i could not figure out what to say.
“You must be Lulu.”He came to my rescue.
“Your eyes, they are as blue as the ocean.”Sometimes i felt like i could slap myself or bite my tongue for failing me.First it couldn’t move and when it moved it totally emptied what was in my mind. I watched those blue eyes as he laughed at me and listened as his deep laughter echoed into my eardrums. ” A lady who doesn’t mince her words i am already in love with you.why don’t you come in i am…”
“Nicky ” i interrupted him.”The boys told me a lot about you last night.I just wasn’t expecting you would have arrived at this hour.”
At that moment Bruce walked in and saved me from making a total fool of myself. “Good morning Lulu.Girl ain’t you a sight for sore eyes. Do you have a sister like you , you can introduce me to?He asked me teasingly. “What is wrong with me.i thought we were getting along pretty well ? I teasaed back.
“Don’t take it personal dear he has a phobia for famous girls. “Nicky said.
Louis and mark joined us and said hello and complemented on my dress.they had all dressed up in the same style:faded jeans,coloured vest,a half coat and some beautiful loafers but in different colours. I watched the four of them and Nicky stood out in his rugged torn faded blue jeans and his blue vest that matched with his eyes .His arms were well torned and i could not keep my eyes off him and Louis must have caught me staring, “wait till you hear him singing and you will be hook.” He whispered into my ear.
There was no way i could let this happen to me i had been around handsome actors and handsome musicians too and the only thing they lacked were the blue eyes considering that they had been Africans but never had i ever allowed myself to get entangled with them. I never wanted to be the girl who featured in gossip columns for being an actors or musician newest conquest as they always referred to the girls. In my mind i made a point to stay away from him,he could be trouble for me.
“Let’s go down for breakfast chaps i am famished.”Mark the silent one interrupted my thoughts and we all headed to dinning room.

The weather did not disappoint nor did the crowd, they danced and sang along to the curtain raisers music, Waiting in anticipation for the Wonder souls to hit the podium.While they were backstage preparing to thrill the crowd i went and found a spot for us i could hear murmurs everytime i passed a crowd and before i had finished spreading my blanket a crowd had gathered around me for autographs and snaps. I posed for a few and promised the rest i would post later on during the day. Suzzie the fashion blogger caught up with me and since she had named me as one of the potential fashion icons in her blog i could not deny her a few snaps and a shot interview about my dress for her blog.

The MC of the day took over and as he announced the next performers on stage the crowd went wild, with the girls screaming and shouting. Wonder souls didn’t disappoint, Louis on the keyboard, Bruce on the drum sets, silent Mark on the soxaphone and the handsome blue eyed Nicky on the guitar and the voice of wonder souls. People swayed and sang along, I sat listening
to the beautiful music that filled the air trying my best not to stare at the person whose voice filled up my head and soothed my heart but it was not helping. I saw the blue
eyes smiling down at me, heard my name roll out of his tongue sounding like the most exotic name in the world. I watched as the people disappeared into thin air one by one, saw Nicky leave the podium and walk to where i was singing out his heart for me. Nothing else mattered than us, no one else existed it was just the two of us and he sang just for me.
“Lulu, Lulu.” A little girls voice brought an end to my fantasy and brought me back to reality.
“My mama said it was okay if i come say hello to you.” She said extending her tiny hand to me.
“What’s your name princess?” I asked her.
“Well Sheila thank you for saying hey it was really nice of you.” I said to her and she went back smiling at her mother’s side.
After the show the boys joined me and somehow between signing autographs and pausing for photos with fans,we managed to sip our sherry and make merry.

“Kent will be taking us to Nakuru tomorrow and we have a performance at the clayfish resort in Naivasha on Wednesday why don’t you come along with us?” Nicky asked me.
The invite took me by suprise and the way those blue eyes were looking at me created another war of words in my head but luckily i mumbled something about checking out my schedule with my agent before confirming my availability. I could have said i was busy but something stopped me and when i got to the house i called my agent and asked him not to line my week with any audition or interviews.
The boys were fun to be with and i could not remember having so much fun. The chemistry between Nicky and I was terrifying but i managed to keep it on check or so i thought after all after a few days i would go back to my world and he would be back in Netherlands to his and maybe a girlfriend he’d left behind. I packed my traveling bag called the hotel and informed the boys i was good to go.

Nakuru was hot and every time we were not out sight seeing we were swimming or playing pool volleyball. I kept my distance from Nicky and when our gaze met i looked away only to check him out when he was not looking at me. On Wednesday their performance was supposed to run from six pm till midnight then spend the night at the camp for two more days. Just like their other performance, they were electrifying.The crowd cried for more and they were not disappointed, neither was i,i was having a time of my life but every time my eyes fell upon Nicky, there was a pain in my heart as if a string was tightly tied around it and i found myself gasping for more air.

I sat at the counter and ordered another drink. I should have left the bar with the boys after their show but i didn’t trust myself to be around Nicky and so i remained behind. The bar was nearly deserted and the music emitting from the speakers was slow and mellow. Every song that played had me thinking of Nicky and his blue eyes. This was not happening to me;the blue eyed handsome boy in the band had invaded my mind,rendered me venerable to his thoughts and now no matter how much i tried not to think about him and his blue eyes i miserably failed.
“Can i ask you a question?” I almost jumped out of my sit knocking down the wine glass in front of me with flight. I didn’t hear him coming neither did i hear him pull a chair next to me.
“I am so sorry i did not meanig to give you a flight.Are you okay?” It should be a crime for a man to be as good looking as the man whose concerned voice filled my head and more of a crime for me to be speechless every time he was near me looking at me with his blue eyes.
I gathered all my strength to calm my nerves, I was no longer a teenager to be smitten by a man to the verge of rendering me speechless,I had to get over my infatuation if this is what it was.
“I am okay… my mind must have been wondering off.What is it that you wanted to ask me?”I asked him.
“Why do you hate me soo much?”i was dumb struck.How could he possibly think that i…
“What? What makes you think that i hate you.That is just insane.” Amid my recovery i managed to let out some words. “That’s how you make me feel and you make no effort of hiding your dislike towards me and when we met i thought we could be buddies you and me.”
“I don’t want to be buddies with you.”
“Seriously what have i ever done to you?He asked me shock all over his face.if only i could bite off my tongue.
“Did i just say that out loud.I am so sorry it’s nothing like that…”
“Then let me know what it is because i feel horrible when i try to be friends with someone only for them to make me feel like am not worth it.” His voice pleaded with me.
“I never ment to make you feel like that.”i said to him.
“Do you know how it feels every time i watch you chat with Bruce or when you joke around with Louis, damn even Mark speaks when you are around but when i appear you make a disappearing act or stay away from me as you can.I’m I that awful Lulu?
“No”i answered him.
“Then why Lulu?

Why couldn’t he realize that my avoiding him had nothing to do with hatred?Why couldn’t he realize that every time i was near him my tongue rebelled and words caused a battle in my brain?Why couldn’t he realize that every time he was near me i grew week?

“Then why Lulu?He asked again , his eyes tender and i looked down to avoid staring at them.His voice so soft and husky at the same time floated in my mind.I closed my eyes and i could feel his on me.I had to get away from him, find my way to the camping site where Bruce and the other boys must have been wondering what was keeping me or where Louis was.
“I have to go Nicky and you’ve got it all wrong, i don’t hate you.” I said raising to leave.
“Dance with me Lulu.”He grasped my arm raising from his sit closing in the little space that was left between us.A chill ran down my spine and my knees almost curved in with the weight of my upper body but i fought to remain strong .He lead me away from the counter to the dance floor leaving me no room to object.His arms were on my waist and i laid mine on his shoulders,we moved to the rhythm of the song playing and i loosened up,tried to relax but the distance between us made that nearly impossible while his scent made me delirious.

“Then why Lulu? He whispered into my ear.”Why?”
“Because when you are around words disappear, my eyes can’t spend a minute without glancing at you and when i do they set on your lips and I can think about is how they would feel against mine…”My tongue was on the loose again.word after word escaped my mouth in a rush and for a moment i heard my mother’s strong warning over something i had said that i should learn to control my tongue.”…your blue eyes makes me conscious of myself and i think i have said more than i should have so you will understand if i leave you know.” I told him releasing myself from him. .
My words downpour must have caught him by surprise since he didn’t put up a fight releasing me, neither did he say a word as I walked away,more like ran away from him.I felt his eyes on my back and i wished the ground would just open up and swallow me.I felt my eyes dampen,felt a tear roll down my cheak.When did this happen? I had miserably fallen for the blue eyed Holland musician.

I breathed in the fresh air and welcomed the breeze that caressed my face.I knew i had to settle my emotions before getting to the camp.I took a deep breath and looked up to the sky. The night was beautiful, the moon was full,the sky carpeted with bright stars. The crickets were singing in unison, at a far distance I heard dogs backing,some laughter from the tent drifted into my ears, a drunk voice raised up with a song,others joined in followed by more laughter. I was supposed to be laughing with them, how did i end up alone, tears in my eyes with messed up emotions.

The chill was getting into my skin and i rubbed my arms to keep warm. I fought to keep a shiver away but the warm jacket that covered me did a better job. I turned around to face him not know what to say or expect. “Thank…” His finger fell on my lips locking away my words.I looked into his eyes they were different but maybe it’s the wine that i had drunk or the night light.
“Since I opened that door and saw you standing there all i have been thinking about is you. When I am on stage singing it’s you I see amongst the audience. When I go to bed I fall asleep wondering why is it that you can’t stand being around me,I tell myself that I should just let you be but I can’t. I want to know you Lulu, your name is not just enough for me.Let me be a part of your life, don’t push me away any further. ” And as he finished his words he held my face in his palms looked down into my eyes and as his lips locked mine into a kiss, I let myself go. That starry night was the beginning of us.The paparrazi dubbed us the it couple and they could not get enough of us.

By the time wonder souls were leaving back to Holland, we had announced our engagement.I was sad, I had cried myself the whole night and Nicky was beside me consoling me,assuring me he would be back. He had fallen in love with me together with my homeland just as he was sure I would love his. Our wedding would be held at my home place.I had to remain behind and oversee the planning while he would join me in a months time together with his family.

How time flies! My friends still think I am crazy but I tell them I am damn lucky. Lucky to have found love.Lucky to be loved by the boy in the band and lucky to have found someone to love.o