I saw you today
Tall and handsome as always,
With that smile that had
Once electrified my nerves.

But something was a miss…
I didn’t here my heartbeat
Neither did my knees feel jelly like.

I ran to you,
Threw my arms around your shoulders
And planted a kiss on your lips,
But the tremble was not there,
You didn’t notice it
But I did.

I invited you for dinner,
And ended up burning our
Meal half cooked.
You placed your hands
Round my waist to console me,
But they felt cold
And my skin cringed away.

We sat for a chat,
But I found no words,
The once comforting silence
Has become uncomfortable.
What’s happening to us?
Where is the fire we had?
Where is the passion?

Our chemistry is dead,
Our bond has dissolved
I tried to salvage it,
But we no longer click.

Lets embrace
And say goodbye for the night.
Lets walk our seperate way
With a clean heart.

I once loved you,
My heart once raced for you,
You kisses once coused my body to tremble,
And I never burnt ur meal
Our silence was once comforting,
but these is no longer the same.

And may morning dawn to you with love.