My waist beads

I know i haven’t posted anything here for a few days but working on a new play which will be in the theater soon has been consuming most of my time and today i am taking some time off from the play.
Sometimes back i discovered a new hobby for myself and that is beading. Yeah, i love beads and i can’t get enough of them.I had always wanted a waist bead before and so the first thing i made was one for myself. I love the feeling of the beads on my waist and generally i never remove them.
My mother happened to spot my waist beads and what followed was not pretty. To her my beads are charms from a cult or witchcraft. I sat on my bed listening to my mother swearing she would drag me to the priest for prayers and it took the intervention of my younger siblings to convince her that my beds were a decoration and not some kind of charms as she had been taught in the many seminars she had attended .My brother made it easier for her to settle down when he tried to recall their name in Swahili.
I didn’t take it personally thou, considering that waist beads have different meaning in the African contest. She was right about the charms and witchcraft but also just like neck beads they are a decoration,in other communities the are worn by girls who have attended sex classes and they are sex maestros, in others girls wear them when they reach womanhood to indicate that they are of age and it becomes much more fun when different colours come with a list of different meanings, like red meaning sensuality and virility.
One thing remain to be common around the reason why i adorn my waist with beads.They are beautiful, sensual and sexy.

waist beads