diary of an isomniac

Midnight and i am sleepless, i get a book but i can’t concentrate on it. I look at the script that i have been working on for the last couple of days but i have got no inspiration and I don’t finish even a single sentence!
I get out of bed get all my dirty laundry and wash.
I finish washing and still no sleep. Wellj it’s been a while since i had a body scrub, so i gather up a few ingredients which I can find and mix them up to come with a home made body scrub.I hit the shower, scrub my body from head to toe and my skin feels so smooth I can’t, stop running my hand over my legs and arms.I boil a kettle of water and steam my face for a few minutes. Put on a face mask and as I wait for it to dry I apply Polish on my nails which i had cleaned up early during the day.Well I don’t feel like putting on any color so i just apply a layer of clear nail Polish.i lay back on my bed waiting for the mask to dry up as i write this. The rain outside is pelting harder, I can hear cars roaring by splashing rain water…and I wonder to myself Linda when did I become such a good girl. I guess age is catching up with me or I am catching up with it but either way I am no longer the party that I used to be.