Above the Knees

Men from Turkan should help sort this dressing and decency debate going on coz i wonder how they survive with their women showing it all coz from what am reading their civilized and more educated counterparts can’t handle a miniskirt.

turkana woman2                                                  Turkana Women !

As a lady all i know is that walking around the street wearing an ankle length skirt or a mini skirt i get the same attention wanted and unwanted .From the gentleman who looks at me smiles and tells me you are smart to the lunatic who spots me from a distance and goes like” wawawa madam are you sure wewe si malaika kutoka binguni? Kama ungekua wangu haungewai tembea peke yako.”To the top of his voice causing each and every eye to fall on me and I have to hold my head high wishing the ground would swallow me.

My twin sisters on my chest attracts attention. Whether wearing a t-shirts or a v cut top; and one thing remains the comments, the stares ,some so hilarious i get to the house laughing other than being offended.”nice boobs” I smile and say thank you. “Ngai madam hizo zote ni za mtu mmoja.” I click my tongue in annoyance because his gaze tells of what he is talking about. “wawawa na si umebeba ni natural ama umepump kidogo?” I wish I could throw some kicks like Chuck Norris.

I do not understand what’s the hullabaloo about ladies wearing miniskirts and trying to copy the west.From my history studies I understand the west introduced clothes to our ancestors and the moment they ditched their hide skins and loin clothes for the calico dresses and calico shorts we joined the fashion world. And we all know fashion changes every day.My thinking is if dressing in a dminiskirt is indecent,immoral and unafrican we should revive the hide skin and loin clothes and test whether our men would be able to control themselves!

I love my dresses tight, clinging to every curve in my body and short with a little bit of cleavage showing. I love my maxi skirts,long and circular, sweeping the ground I walk on paired with a coloured vest not to forget the big chunks of jewelry. I love my jeans with t- shirt. This is my style of dressing and I love it that way.I dress for my comfort and when I dress to impress,I impress myself first.