Rainy Afternoon

As the wind blows,the clouds gather,the sky darkens.

All of a sudden every body seems to be in a hurry,the cars too join the race,hooting with anger as they fight for the same space with the increased human traffic.

The sky rumbles,the clouds threatening to crush on evrything below them. As the first drop hits the ground,the streets are cleared of the human traffic.

The supermarket alleys fill up,but the cashier reads on her magazine,
the cafe sits are all taken but no one asks 4 a menu.

A crowd huddles together on the corridal,
A young lady fight with a polythene paper to cover her hair.

I walk along the street,curious glances following me,a taxi driver calls out,
someone somewhere makes fun of me,
but i walk on coz no one will understand.

No one will understand my love for the rain.
No one will understand these feeling inside me as the rain splashes on me.
No one will understand these feeling i have as the water drips from my hair to my toes.
No one will understand the warmth i have inside as i enjoy the rain.

My hair aight natural by accident,
and i walking in the rain aight by mistake,
nor am i in a hurry.
It’s my love 4 the rain.

By Linda Kinyita