Fundamental Rights Of A Woman

Well,something happened to me that left me wondering whether I should share it or keep it to myself, at the end of it am like let me share it and offer some tips to our men out there.

On Thursday evening around 9 o’clock, I received a text that made me laugh till my ribs ached and I had to forward it to my two bestfriends .

“Babe afta a long tym of contemplatin,av dicided 2 break da silence,marry me plz”

Yes you guessed right, that was the text and yes that is marry me please at the end of it, so you wouldn’t be wrong to interpret it as a proposal. Every girl dreams of the day her my charming will propose and our imagination tends to be overactive as we think about it.” Will he take me to dinner get on one knee,pull out a ring and ask me to marry him or will I get home one day and find a bunner in the middle of the room asking “will you marry me? “Will I wake up one morning and he walks in with breakfast on a tray and in the middle of it a card reading will you marry me? Or will I get home, find a trail of roses leading to the bed room to find a thousand assorted candles lit and my bed covered with red roses and there in the middle of the bed a glittering diamond ring will catch my attention.”
Blame my imagination on the so many romantic movies that I watch but the fact is we can’t help but wonder how he will propose.

Well my first proposal will be in my books of history considering that it was quit unromantic and that it came from someone who had not communicated to me in a month and on my defense I will say that the last few times we had communicated I was the one who had reached out to him. So you will understand why I laughed my heart out till my ribs ache. Sure I did reply to the text,I told him I would give him a piece of my mind the following morning when whatever it was that he was drinking that had reminded him of my existence had cleared out of his head and I slept.

The following morning my dear sweet sleep was cut short when a text came through. Dude had the nerves to forward me the same same text!!!And this is the point where a girl goes like, “Man,what the hell had I seen in you in the first place?”
I gave him a piece of my mind and trust me it was not pretty. In his defense this is what he had to say,”Wntd to be sure,n now iam.” Come on dude I thought this is a little virgins line!

Lulu, a friend of mine, has a song called the fundamental rights of a woman. Everytime he is performing this song he pauses and asks the men in the concert how many of them understands the fundamental rights of their women?He sings along that it is her right to see you atleast once a day, to hear you say that you love her,text her,call her, make her feel she is part of you.Do I need to add more?

Truth is when you are too busy that you don’t have time for your woman,some else is always there offering her all the time she needs in the world. Oh so you are not the chatting type? Can’t figure out what there’s to chat about well someone out there has subscribed to unlimited SMS just to chat with your woman. You take her for granted, can’t tell her you love her, you think she figures out for herself that’s why she is with you, someone out there never tires to tell her how much he loves her if only he was given a chance to prove himself. And finally so you want to be sure that she is the one and you want to take your sweet time to think and contemplate whether she is the one,well someone out there was sure about her the day they met. So while you taking you time to decide he is busy trying to win her heart. You wake up one day having made your decision, you break your silence with a flimsy text and she replies that she’s no longer yours, that she found another who can’t spend a single day without wondering how her day was and though his days are busy somehow they spend time together.She is the one who got away,the one who you will always wish she had remained to be yours.