Nurture You Talent

Today I met a girl who really inspired me. She is a fashion designer who together with her business partner have set up a fashion label. She deals with the creative part of designing while her partner deals with the business front. Her partner studied business management at KIM but surprisingly for her she has never attended design school or art school for that matter actually she is in her last year of campus studying biochemistry. Then how did she end up in the fashion industry?

Since she was young she has always been fascinated by fashion and she has a talent in drawing, so at the end she combined both and self trained herself on fashion design. I asked her whether her parents were supportive and like most stories go,at the beginning there were not but with time they turned out to be supportive.

If you are are in the film industry or a local film enthusiast in Kenya you have had about the popular novel My Life In Crime being shoot into a movie and the lead character Jack Zollo will be played by Nigerian actor Jimmy Ike and this has caused lots of sparks in the film circuit.In a post posted in someone commented that education is important and that our actors and actress lack papers.He continued to dare people to list Kenyan actors and actress who holds a diploma or certificate in performing arts. Well it is not that our actors and actresses are not educated giving an example with the likes of Ken Ambani, Eddie Kimani,and Brenda Wairimu who is still undergoing her studies at USIU.Acting as a career is still underplayed, my dad tells me I should concentrate on building my life and stop investing much time on my hobby,my friends think I am crazy and do not understand why I want to be a full time actress and truth be told there are a few actors doing it full time. I have a friend planning to join college and she is confused on what to study. She is a damn good actress and when I told her she should go to a performing school,she said she would love to, but the decision lay with her parents who were going to write the cheque for her college fee.

Most of us know exactly what we want to do but out of fear to disappoint or being labeled rebels; we settle for something else,the pay in the industry also pushes us away forcing us to take other careers that will offer financial stability. The industry is picking up and some actors are going to the bank with a big smile on their faces and so is the quality of contents calling for the best talent in the industry. Take acting classes, find a mentor, study produced material. You might not have a degree in theatrical performance but as the girl who inspired me today with her fabulous designs, you can nature your talent to the top.