A Million Bucks

“I feel like giving away a million bucks,I feel like taking someone on a shopping spree.”

Lying on my bed, my body exhausted and my tummy complaining of hunger pangs.I wished for a miracle. What if I could just go to the bank and find a million bucks in my account ?…yeah I know…if wishes were horses … I had just walked home from town after spending the whole day working on a pilot;any actor or actress will tell you that you are damn lucky if you are doing a pilot and get lunch. I have a play coming up soon and since we started rehearsals late we are rehearsing everyday of the week. Now, now, now every stage actress knows that when you are a new group in the industry,without sponsors or a damn rich producer you are damn lucky to cover the cost of production leave alone make a penny!
I have a friend who at a radio interview to promote one of our plays kept saying” enyewe kunavile hatuko hapa juu ya doo.First we do what we love then story ya doo itacome baadaye.” So we are still waiting for the “baadaye”.

Back to the million bucks in my account, see I happen to have all my needs and wants lined up.First my tummy, I would sit eat a big plate of proper food, my tummy full now we go on a shopping spree: I need new shoes,with the weather being this nasty I need warm clothes, I ran out of mascara and ponds yesterday, my hair has had too much of home care, my heels have these small cracks that have made my pumice stone my best friend a pedicure will be a welcome relief, my face have been neglected for a while and it’s starting to show a facial would get it back on truck.
I bet after taking care of girl stuff I should get into serious stuff : produce a play maybe,publish my poetry, upgrade my blog…I have a thousand ideas on where to invest …Yeah I know…If wishes were horses…

Since the miracle am wishing for is not happening soon,unless someone with a million bucks to spare reads this post and decides to make a girls wish come true, I start thinking if there could be someone out there who has my debt: well I was an extra at a local production airing on telly a month ago;still waiting for that message telling me to pick my pay and there is nothing i can do about that but wait, I helped a friend two weeks ago with some cash after he got arrested for parking at restricted area and he had to “cough” out something to avoid being taken to central, frankly I have stopped asking for the money, my previous production some friends picked up tickets that they never paid for and I don’t know which is worse not having paid for them or not having attended the show amidst promises of “if we do not support you who will?” I give up, no one on the debt list is likely to repay me today or ever anyway!

My phone rings, it’s my younger sister… again! I look at the phone ringing and ignore it …again! For the hunderedth time and I am not exaggerating. Well I owe her some money, not much but still money and last night she decided she urgently needed it so since then amidst my explanation to her that she got me off guard she had been calling after every second. My tummy let’s out a loud groan, it’s time to visit Nancy at the shop. Be good to your local shopkeeper and you will never sleep hungry. That is a lesson I have learnt.