Sophisticated Lady

I will write this post hoping my mother or worst my father never reads it,Well there are many things I do that I hope they will never find out, and if they do;I pray that they will pretend to never have read it.This post was inspired by a discussion Maina and King’ang’i had, based on an article in the standard crazy Monday pull out about women taking men’s place at nyam chom joints and bars .

Growing up I used to think that smoking was the most sophisticated thing for a grown up independent woman and I trained myself to hold that stick from a very young age. When I joined campus I had all the freedom I wanted,my first Friday in cumpus I made a fellow fresha spend his weekend in jail in a strange town because he thought just because he had spend a few hundreds from his helb loan to buy me beer he could have his way with me! I was a total party girl. When fellow students were being frisked and being turned away at club entrances,all I used to do was high five bouncers and hoolaay, me and my girls would be in. Most times I was with my girls and we had girl codes like, no dancing with boys,we go home together, if a man feels like buying one of us a drink he had to buy for all of us…some times we went out with campus boys dance till morning then find our way to the hostels staggering.

I found out smoking was not as sophisticated as I used to think but once in a while I had a puff. When I came to Nairobi and I started hanging out with fellow actors and actresses , I looked at the company I was with and there were things or people I never wanted to be like.I never wanted to be that woman who moved from table to table borrowing a stick because mine had ran out,I never wanted to be the woman who is in the club drinking every day mostly pestering man to buy beer for me. So the last time I bought a packet of cigarettes I gave them to a bouncer and since then i haven’t held a cigarette. I cut down on my alcohol intake and well I don’t have the energy to dance till morning anymore.

While I don’t find anything wrong with attending Karaoke once in a while, a girls day out to enjoy a drink and nyam chom or a girl going out to dance once in a while.I find nothing sophisticated about a woman smoking and same applies to the man. A girl who comfortably chews Miraa have no pride in her womanhood and personally a man who chews miraa is a total turn off. I want to kiss my man all the time, I want to hold a conversation without looking away to avoid looking at a mouth full of miraa and it doesn’t matter how well you claim to chew, it’s just not cool.

Ladies I know the time when our men used to go out and we wait for them to come home drunk are long gone, but as we go out there we should remember and respect our womanhood. Enjoy your whisky in style,know when to say enough. You don’t want to be the girl who walks home screaming,yelling and cursing. You don’t want to be the girl on the dance floor with every Tom and Dick wanting to dance with you not so much for your dancing moves but because their hands can touch as much as they can. Neither do you want to be the girl who wakes up in the morning lying beside a body snoring like a truck in a cheap motel room. Be a sophisticated lady all way through.