Snooze Snooze

When my alarm rang this morning I almost banged it to the wall but I realized my alarm is my Idios phone. So I just pressed snooze and pulled up my blankets and dozzed of only for it to ring fifteen minutes later, mmh snoozed it again, cover myself again and back to sleep my conscious telling me Linda you should be up.

I snoozed my alarm two more times and finally I sluggishly got out of my bed hit the shower,took a fast breakfast, hurriedly applied makeup and an hour later I was standing at the stage missing my warm bed. The stage that the other thing.If you happen to live at parkroad like I do,you already know matatus during the morning hours gets to us already full and the trench that was dug at the equity roundabout to repair the drainage worsens the situation because matatus are avoiding parkroad all together. After standing at the stage for five minutes I lost hope of getting a matatu and decided to walk up to Equity and catch a matatu from there. Atleast Caroline Mutuko and Linda Nyangweso were trying to cheer me up and along the way I could afford a smile despite my dullness.

At Equity I didn’t have to wait for long for a matatu but instead of the usual 20bob,the tout was asking for 30bob. I was not in the mood for an argument plus I was late so I just got into the matatu and so did the other passengers. A distance from fig tree an argument between a passenger and the tout arose,I removed my earphones and listened. So apparently the guy didn’t know that we were paying 30bob and even so of all the years he has lived at Ngara and used public transportation he has never paid more than 20bob to town and today was not going to be his first time! He wanted all his change back. The tout was not changing his stand he claimed he was just doing his job. Which was exploiting customers accordingly to our fellow passenger. Well it’s true, when we got into the matatu we knew we were being exploited but we had to get to town either way.

“The other passengers were not complaining so you don’t have the right to complain.” Stated the tout causing an uproar from other passengers in support of their own. “Just let him be a 10bob and exploiting customers will never make him rich!” A lady said.
The complaining passenger who is my hero today said it was not about a 10bob,this was about his rights as a Kenyan and as a customer. There was no way someone would decided to make some quick bucks out of passengers who most of the time do not have a choice but to pay. When the tout refused to give him the 10bob, he stood and walked to the door blocked it and said no more passengers would enter the matatu till we get to town. At fig tree the driver seeing that the guy was making them loose out on passengers gave him his change and everything went back to normal. I turned to the lady sited next to me and said”If only we had more Kenyans like him, no one would ever exploit us,leave alone the “Mpigs” we voted for to Parliament and even before they have spent a month in Parliament are already complaining and lobbying for a salary increment!”