Cougar Girl

Some years back while still in campus I used to train drama in a boys high school. I loved my work and my students referred to me as teacher.Every morning I would wake up, go through the scripts,make some notes, evaluate the boys performance during rehearsal waiting for the afternoon to report to work.

The boys were respectfull and really worked hard. Some of them came to me for advice and I listened to them. There was this one boy though, he was in form three and he was not a member of drama club. One day while waiting for the rehearsal hall to be opened, he came over to me and said hello. He wanted some advice from me about his grades and how he could manage his time. From that day I used to find him at the hall waiting for me just to say hello.

I should have read the signs but I didn’t so it took me by suprise when one day just like usual I found him waiting for me,he said hello and handed me a note,the bell rang and off he ran. My drama club students were already settled in the hall so I put the note in the bag and forgot about till later when I went back home. He had written to me a love letter! I didn’t bust him to the teachers but the following day I gave him a pretty serious talk about the letter.

When I started coming to Nairobi to perform my poetry and MC events at the liberty center, there was an acrobatic crew that really thrilled me.It was made up of members ranging from 18yrs to 4yrs. What made the crew stand out was the young ones, they were three of them and I could not stand watching them spin and fly across the stage,so I would scream and close my eyes whenever it was their turn. Over the years they have all grown up with the youngest of them being in class eight. Recently I hosted them in my show, Up Close Fresh and Cultured in Westland at the Dass Restaurant and as usual they gave a thrilling show.

One of the youngest boys who is now in form three took me by suprise when he publicly declared his love for me. Well by now I should clearly be able to read the signs of young boys crushing on me,but I didn’t. For him I had a solution though, I have a sister in form four maybe after she sits for her final exam I could introduce them. My friends never stopped laughing at me” hahaha Linda you are turning into a cougar!”