Cute Faces

I am tired of having cute faces

Around who’ve got nothing else

Offer other than their cute faces.

I am looking for a handsome man.


Not necessarily with bulging muscles

As long as i know there are there,

Not necessarily with a killer smile

As long as he smiles and makes me smile too,

Not necessarily with an overflowing bank account

As long as he owns one,

Not necessarily with a porn star’s nine inch dick

As long as he knows how to use what he’s got!


I am tired of walking around

With cute faces just for a show,

Who feels too sweat to get

The door for me or pull the sit for me,

I am just looking for a handsome man,

One who will do for me all those little things that matters the most.


I am tired of hanging on for just a cute face.

Feeling and knowing that I deserve more than a cute face.

I am tired of being asked where I got such a cute face,

I want to be asked where i got such a gentleman.


I just want a handsome man.

One who has more to offer other than just a cute face.

And till I get one

I am so done with all of you

Cute faces who’ve got nothing

Else to offer other than just cute faces.