Rough Road

sexy Linda       lindas head shot

Palms gentle and tender to touch,

Heels smooth and soft to feel,

skin spotless and spotting a healthy glow.

she is a trend setter.

Don’t look and judge,

Wait till you get to the inside…

Then draw your conclusion.

For these tender palms were once tough,

Toughened by the countless recurrence of blisters.

These perfectly manicured nails were then chipped,rough and clogged with dirt.

These heals were once rough,

Covered with cracks,

The price for the long trips down the river,

The shoeless walk to and from schools,

The many hours spend at the farm.

This skin was once rough and unsightly,

From the acne attacked face to the scar filled arms and the bruise covered legs.

The nappier grass had no mercy cutting through the skin,

The thorn filled bushes made no path for anyone

And my mother favored my hands with pinches.

The scars might be gone,

The blisters long disappeared  ,

The heals healed and the cracks sealed

But they are what made her.

she gracefully walks on her open heels
flashing those adorable legs.
She doesn’t wait for the newest or latest matatu,

She smiles to people around her,
she makes space for the woman with the muddy basket full of arrow roots,

she jokes with the touts and wishes them a good day.
Her heels might have smoothed,

Her palms might have softened

The scars might have faded

Her style might be classy,stylish and elegant,

But she never forgets herself

And her mothers words always echos in her head,

“It’s not that you bribed God to get to where you are”.
The road long rough and tough.