Was it your walk

That got my attention

The moment you walked right in

Or was it your body

That called for my affection?

Was it the color of your skin

So dark,so smooth

That caught my eyes

or was it your eyes,

So bright

So capsizing

that captured mine?

Was it the sound

of you voice

Or the echoes

That still still lingers in my mind

That carried us away

in a world where it was just you and I?

Was it your warm hello

or was it you sizzling smile

That melted my heart

Causing my heartbeat to pause

And all of a sudden go for a run?

Was it the feeling

Of your palm in my palm

as you shook my hand

Or was it the warmth

Of that touch

That made my body trembled?

Was it your manly scent

that swam up my nostrils

or was it the nice to meet you

Peck on my cheek

That ignited a flame

of desire in my body?

Tell me how,

Show me how

how I will win over

This infatuation

when my senses

have all surrendered.