African Queen

I am a big girl in a big big world.
A true African woman with all the curves in their right places,
A well endowed blossom which a friend once described as
“two moons in a single night.”
Well rounded bum bums that dances to the rhythm of my steps.

I’m a big girl in a big big world,
In the camera and TV world,
I might not be the perfect shot,
Cos I ain’t tall and slender,
But in the real world…
I’m the queen!
Grown up men quiver when I pass by.

The African wrapper never looked better on any one…
The more modern hipster clings to my curves curving them all out,
The pencil or pleated skirts never let me down…
I am a big girl,
And cloths never make me look good…
I make them look good.

I’m a big girl and am going enjoy

Enjoy this bowl of irio to the last mouthful,

Just like my granny taught me how to,
Leave all those damn absurd diets to the show girls …
Cos I am an African queen.