The year has come to an end and likely most people have a list of new years resolutions. Eat healthy, start exercising ,take life more seriously,settle down in a healthy relationship, quit drinking and smoking and definitely make more money. These are some of the most popular resolutions that find their ways into peoples list. However, as we say goodbye to the year 2015, there will be a number of resolutions being carried forward to the year 2016. This is because majority of us rarely have a plan that will help us go through with our resolutions or simply because that life has a way of throwing surprises along our paths that upsets even the best planed plans.
So you are a lady in your mid or late twenties and year after year settling down in a health relationship finds its self in your list of resolution and you seriously want to settle down. You could be single or in a relationship that doesn’t satisfy you. Your peers are happily settled down, some married and already having babies and you find yourself left out. Here are a few pointers that will help you not to carry forward settling down to the year 2017.

1. Quit
First things first, if you are already in a relationship that doesn’t satisfy you, you should quit. It could be an abusive relationship, your man is a cheater, an alcoholic or you simply feel unappreciated and taken for granted. Quit. Ladies we all deserve the best from our men. Stop holding on onto a relationship just because you are afraid of being single, you deserve the best.

2. Widen Your Circle of Friends
Most of the time we meet new people through the people already in our lives and if you have been having the same set of friends since you were in kindergarten then probably your circle of friends is limited. To meet new friends equals finding new hobbies. Join a book club, a sports club, a charity group or maybe a traveling club.

3. Put Your Phone Down
Just for a while, it will not hurt not to be online for a few minutes. Your future mister might just be sited next to you but you are busy chatting with somebody calling themselves Simonsinci Yulemnoma. Look up and notice the people around you and at least say hello.

4. Be Scarce
You don’t want to be the girl who is always available, whose shit is all over the place. A little bit of mystery always works. Keep them guessing and stop updating your every movement in social media.

5. Take a Break
So you are single, going out on regular dates with different guys, getting laid which sounds like fun but you have not met a keeper yet. Being alone does not mean being lonely. Take a break evaluate yourself and what you have been through in the past.

And last but not least stop being too judgmental about guys you do not even know. So he asks you for a date and he is not your usual type. Just try it out you might in for a surprise.