Bundles of Joy

As a mother there are no words I have in my mind that I can satisfactorily use to describe that moment when the midwife says one more push and you feel your baby slide out of your body and the nurse announces “it’s a girl” and a piercing cry fills the air. No words to describe that moment but I will settle for magical. Magical moment and I had to go through it twice in one night.

That magical moment when I forgot about all the pain I had gone through to get there and all I could think about was those tiny magical babies. My babies. My magic and suddenly I cannot imagine living in a world without them or how I even lived without them. My bundles of joy. Each so different from the other that I can’t help wondering how two babies in the same womb,same time come out being so different. Medical doctors and scholars have explanations for all these but at this moment I choose to settle for magic.

My bundles of joy are growing up and each day that passes adds to it this feeling in my heart. This feeling that no words can explain. This feeling I get every time I look at them,every time I hold them in my arms , every time they smile; that smile that shutters my heart or just look into their eyes. This feeling that is more than love. This feeling that tightens my heart and pauses my heart beats when I think of them. This feeling that I think that only a mother can understand.
Watching them sleep so peaceful, so beautiful ,so innocent calms my heart, calms my nerves and feels me with peace. Don’t grow up too fast . Let me savour every minute I spend with you.