Yummy Yum

During my pregnancy there were a couple of things that I really missed and one of those things is my taste buds. Throughout my pregnancy I had a metallic taste home altered the taste of everything I ate. Sometimes I could eat something I really love, like ice cream, and regret having eaten it halfway through or after finishing it. Brushing my teeth was hell because I could not stand the taste of toothpaste in my mouth and till the end of my pregnancy I never found a brand that worked for me.

As the months went by I became used to the metallic taste in my mouth and also found ways to reduce the taste. Like sweets and chewing gums, milk during dinner time and eating something immediately after brushing .

I always say that good food is like good sex. Good food takes away you concentration, while enjoying good food sometimes one can’t control their groans of satisfaction, those “mmmmh mmmh yummy” sounds just flows and when ones tastes buds are well teased they simply can’t control their food big O.Good food makes one feel like they are living in ecstasy. So, for nine months my meals disappointed me and failed to hit the big food O and so everyday I was left unsatisfied, eating not for pleasure but just because I had to, longing for the day that I would get my taste buds back.

Now my babies are here and finally got my taste buds back. Hurrrraaaay. I will always remembered the first meal I had after delivering. It was just some simple steamed rice and stewed beef but my did I enjoy that meal. I was smacking my lips , licking them and swallowing almost without chewing. My taste buds were being teased , my digestive juices were flowing and I could not wait for the day I could regain enough energy to prepare a meal for myself. Six weeks down the line and my energy is all up. I get to prepare most of my meals and my …my…my mmmh mmh mh… I lick and smack them lips. Some times I cannot control the speed I eat with and only a chock can slow me down while some times I just want to take it slow. Bite after bite . Now almost every dinner time is the big food O time and I am one happy satisfied woman.