Stronger Than I thought.

It’s amazing how fast time flies when one has lots of stuff to do . In my case raising twins. It feels like it was just yesterday I was in labour but it’s been 15 weeks. Every week there is a new development in my little ones growth. Baby girl is always on the lead, as she is busy driving a truck with her lips and saliva baby boy is just getting a taste of his fist. Yesterday I watched him trying to move his lips only a small brrrrrr sound came out and few minutes later he gave up and returned his fist in the mouth.

People keep asking me how I am doing it. How am surviving raising twins as a first time mom with no experience of raising a child whatsoever. Honestly I have no idea. In such a situation I say “ni mungu tu.” I am learning on the job. I don’t think there would have been any training that would have prepared me for this but so far so good. I get the strength to move on everyday from my twins. No matter how washed up I am I always have the strength to wake up for a diaper change or just to sit up and play at 3am because that’s when they want to play.

It hasn’t been easy.I am guessing it won’t get easier anytime soon coz siblings and teenage hood are just around the corner but looking at these two my heart glows with joy and pride and a cocktail of other glorious feelings that are just hard to express. lastly, mother hood is is teaching me that I am way much stronger than I ever thought.