Discovering Me

It’s been a while since I wrote something for my blog and I would love to blame it on the babies but I think I will be honest with myself. Some where along the way I have lost myself  and I keep wondering does this happen to every woman who becomes a mother or is it just me?

There are days I wake up and think about writing something for my blog and I wonder, other than babies and pop what else is in my mind to offer? I do not want to be branded as a mom blogger but for the last three years motherhood has been my gig. I sleep and dream of Peter Pan Saving Neverland from Captain hook, I go to the bathroom and hum Humpty Dumpty as I take my shower,I have become a master of sniffing out baby pop. What no one else can smell trust me mama will sniff it out from the kitchen. I have immersed my all into this gig but is that not what we are supposed to do as mothers? Give our all?

I have enjoyed this gig,it has it’s challenges and it’s rewards. when I think of my babies I am filled with Joy, a kind of glow in my heart that I can not explain. I am also learning that this gig is a life time gig. It being a life time gig means I have to figure out how to find time for myself, do things for me without the guilt of leaving my babies out. Whether they are three or thirty my babies will always need me and mama will definately be there for them but mama needs to discover herself. As they grow to discover themselves,so should I!

I can never go back to the girl I used to be but I can discover the woman that I have become husband,babies and all my stretchmarks.The girl I used to be was a whole lot fun,liberal,an open minded adventurer and I know in the journey of discovering the woman that I have become she will be showing up to say hey.