I Don’t Like it

I do not like this picture. I don’t know why but I do not like it, maybe my face was too bare, maybe my arms look more thick than they actually are( or so I tell myself) or maybe it’s the backdrop( I definitely do not like the backdrop) either way I just do not like this picture. I have always been critical about my photos but this one has some little bit extra of me not liking it. I think the most sensible thing for me to do would be to delete it so that it stops reminding me of how much I do not like it but I have chosen to keep it. So the question is, why would I keep this picture if I do not like it?

On this day I woke up feeling good. I needed a headshot and I had plans to go to garissa to buy some baby stuff. I prepared as usual and I remember my hair giving me some trouble because it was not cooperating when styling it until I pinned it down to the style in the picture but still I felt good. It was one of those days. One of those days that you wake up and no matter what struggles you are facing you still feel extra awesome.

I left the house, passed by the kalocal saloon to buy some extra pins for my hair. Then I decided to have my headshot taken first at a studio I had seen( one of those studios branded Kodak). I was asked to choose the colour of the backdrop that I wanted so yes the backdrop as much as I hate it was my decision. I paid for two photos and the photographer deleted the rest that I did not choose and remember wondering why he had to delete them yet he could just load them all to my flash disk any way back to this day.

I got to Garissa and did my shopping. On my way back to town I sat down next to a Somali guy in the mat and I think my hair disturbed him to a point that he could not keep it to himself, “Hii nywele yako ni hairstyle(Is your hair a hair stlye)?” He asked me. To which I politely replied yes. “Inakaa ni kama ulibomoa ukakosa kichana.(It looks like you unbraided it and couldn’t find a comb.)” In my head I was screaming and shouting “It grows out of my head like this” but my face smiled at him and my neck shock my head a bit side to side and the rest of me ignored him. I was having an awesome day and no one was going to mess around with it even with their not so polite enquires about my hair.

Back at my kalocal shopping centre things took a different turn. I stopped at a cereal shop and some customers could not stop staring at me and like the Somali guy they could not hold they tongue,” excuse madam, hiyo ni weave gani umeweka(Which weave have you installed)? One of them asked me. To which I politely answered it was my natural hair. “ Aki uwongo na si inakaa poa(It’s a lie,it looks good)”  said the other one. Questions of what I do to my hair followed up and I politely answered them all because there was something about this day that just made me feel good.

Every time I am going through my photo gallarey and see this picture I smile because it reminds me of that one day that I woke up feeling good for no reason.