Sex Talk

I saw a post on facebook that was advertising a sex party and everyone was advised to carry their own condoms.The post was even accompanied by a picture with women dressed and positioned just like they were in sex party or maybe it was taken during one of the so said parties.  This post sparked a sex talk between hubby and I and the things people do behind closed door.And who are this people by the way? I do not know anyone who has ever attended a sex party, I asked hubby if he knows and he said no…If you are reading this,do you know anyone who has ever attended a sex party? Or maybe it’s just a secret perversion.

Imagine  you and your buddies making plans for the weekend and one of you goes like “By the way there is this sex party going down in kilimani si we can make a reservation?” Or you are talking about the weekend that was and one of you goes like, ” Me I attended a sex party in Kilimani na ilikuanga epic and I think I saw Jaymo’s  bums, Jaymo wa palee hiyvo juu, thumping into some chilley. It was epic man you guys missed a party!” Personally the closet I have ever been to a sex party was when a friend of mine had sex with some dude in the same room as I was because they assumed I was asleep and was the most awkward situation I have ever been.The sound of quirking bed,skin slapping and people trying to whisper how to do it “(Whispering) aaa, wacha nikuje juu.” and trying to hold in their moan and groans,AWKWARD! For me it’s funny when you can hear noises from your neighbours through the walls depending on my mood it might even get me in a kinda kinky mood but same room thats a whole load of awkwardness and a lot of mess. The only sex scene I want to see or watch is from a scene of 50 shades of Grey and not on a bed next to mine.

So who are these people because honestly I have a few questions in my head that need some aswers.

  •  One can tell people were having sex in a room by the smell of it. Know imagine a sex party in an apartment, imagine the apartments smell during the party,how do you still stay in the mood?
  • How do you stay in the game with all the sound track surrounding you or are there restrictions on how much noise one can make?
  • Does it reach a time where all the men are just laying around like logs because they all came and need time of to re-energize?

People have their different perversions and that’s why there are many cases of serial pedophile, sodomy and some cases of bestiality.  At this point of my life nothing suprises me much but some times you just want to know who are these people?