There was one thing I always wanted to do when I grew up and I did it! I am still doing it and I do not think I am going to stop doing it any time soon. I watched with kin interest as some grown ups in my life did it and I was like “I definitely want to do that when I grow up!” At this point I will refer you to my post from a couple of years ago, Colours On My Face, so you can realy understand where I am coming from.

When I was growing up I was not exposed to a wide variety of  makeup,heck I only knew of face powder,eye pencil,lip gloss,lipstick and nail polish. Eye shadows came later and I bought my first set while I was in high school. Back then trimming eyebrows and a applying a line over them with an eye pencil was the in thing and I was a total pro. On weekends and on closing day eve my dormitory cubicle was lined up with girls who wanted their eye brows trimmed. Back then you tube tutorials did not exist but I devoured second hand beauty magazines to keep up with the trends and I quickly learned that the more natural the shape of your eyebrows the better, you do not draw over them but fill them in with gentle stokes and unless your hair is NO.1 black, black as charcoal, you shouldn’t use a black eyepencil for your eyebrows. Today I still prefer the natural looking eyebrow mostly because I have seen a number eyebrow in the streets of Nairobi that left me scared and questioning the choices we make as women in the name of makeup.

In today’s world of makeup, ladies are spoilt with choices of products from primers,concealers, foundations,matte foundations,shimmery  foundations and many other stuff that am still finding out.Most of which I have never used and I do not trust myself to use. I am in an industry where makeup is part of our routine but luckily there are professionals available to deal with people like me scared of all these products. The other day I went on a set that did not have a makeup art. I had inquired whether there would be a one  because I felt like my character would need a bold eye to enhance the character and when I was informed there wount be one I decided to invest in my own character. So I took a walk down dubois road and bought myself a pair of falsies( eye lashes extentions) and some glue for them. Then in the morning I decided to do my makeup  in the house instead of doing it on set. I have never use falsies on my own but I had an idea on how to. To cut the long story short I have a kind of new admiration to the girls who sticking on falsies is their part of everyday makeup routine. First it was messy, and when I finally could balance them I felt like my eyelids were carrying a load, I was worried that they might fall of and had this weird feeling like everybody was looking at my eyes. In town one man pointed out my fake lashes after I refused his offer of a free tshirt and some kind of registration which made me more self conscious. I got on set did my thing and removed the falsies because I could not stand them anymore.

So I am not a falsie person just like I am not a foundation  and wigs person but there are other things that I love that other people might find ridiculous like blush, bronze ,mascara and who doesn’t like a mean red lipstick. I remember studying in my home science lessons back in high school that make up is supposed to enhance once beauty while masking your flaws just like clothes are supposed to enhance you shape and at the same time hide your flaws. Whether going for a simple or elaborate look I will always put my comfort first and what I can deal with in my house I will leave it to the pros and ladies just before you leave the house look at yourself in the mirror for a third and fourth time just to ensure you do not leave the house looking like a surprised scare crow.