Well guys have you ever eyed a girl, pursued her, hanged out with her, you even had a go at “bed minton” so you feel like you’ve got her and your life can never be any happier? You tell all your friends about her, maybe a couple of your siblings because you can no longer keep her to yourself but one day you wake up and she doesn’t pick your calls. You start seeing less of her and within couple of weeks she is no longer in your life. You are left wondering what it is that you did wrong because she offered no explanation and she already blocked your number.

This sounds ruthless but it does happen and it can be devastating to your emotions. Your friends comfort you by labeling the girl a gold digger who found someone loaded more than you. You nurse your bruised ego and move on and it never crosses you mind that Maybe you were the problem. You were the one who had issues that turned off the girl. She didn’t know how to tell you or you would not listen so she choose the easy way out.

As usual we girls talk and we analyze situations and from that I have a list of situations or behaviors that turn off girls.

  • The stingy man

This fellow here holds on too tightly to his pockets. The best he can do is buying you a single glass of wine on a night out. Visit his place and you will be lucky to get lunch. Guys the least you can do to a girl who you are eyeing is dine and wine her otherwise you will be nowhere near a game of bed Minton  leave alone a walk down the aisle with her.

  • Mr. Hygienic

I know of a man who insists on taking a shower every time he has sex, and he insists his partners too have to do the same. And no this is not some lets go to the shower and get kinky kind of thingy. It doesn’t matter whether its midnight dawn or noon. There was a girl who could not stand being pulled to the shower at 3am in the morning so she left.  It is good to be hygienic. Good  Hygienic practises  is a good thing so …stock up some wet wipes, clean dump face towels will do the trick and if you really must take a shower  3am go ahead just don’t force you partner to the shower. I personally wouldn’t appreciate it because sometimes we just want to sleep after sex.

  • The selfish lover

Well nothing puts off a girl like a selfish lover. Those ones who swear that they can never go down on a girl but when in bed with a girl, they are the ones who grab her by the hair and direct her head down to their penis. That is plain selfishness!  Do I need to expound on that?  Those ones who claim that fore play is a foreign concept and have no idea of after play. Those ones who asks questions of why use my fingers yet I have a perfect tool yet when you are just there chilling you hear “babes si come closer and give me a hand job”.  Love making is an art of giving and if she feels like you are holding back while demanding she will not be cool with it. Also, we are in the 21st century. We enjoy sex as much as you do and if you are going to keep that girl satisfy her before someone else does it for you.

  • Mr. Penthouse

These are grown up men who still live with their parents and relatives. They are mostly men who were raised in the suburbs of towns. Picture this, a three bedroom apartment somewhere in Buru one is the master bedroom, one a girls’ room and the other a boys room only that the boys are no longer boys but men. Well gentlemen it does not matter how well you hit but if you want to keep that girl move out of your parent’s apartment.

  • Bedroom Bullies.

Are you one of those men who keep “mistaking” her anus with her vagina? Are you one of those men who as long as you have an erection you do not care about your girl’s mood? Whether she is cramping or menstruating you just got to get it in? Then you are a bedroom bully and we do not like being bullied in bed. Unless…unless we are into some BDMS kind of kinky stuff. But these are the kind of things you talk about before hoping into action. If you have something new you would like to try discuss it with your partner do not just force it. If it’s in your bucket list also let her know if you hang around enough one day she might surprise you with a birthday gift.

  • The Potato coach

Yes we understand that you are an educated man, yes we understand the employment situation in our country but dude you have to get up. Get off the coach! It might be fun at the beginning because you are always available but in the long run we want to see growth. Pick a hobby, learn a new skill, and clean your damn house!  Give your girl something to cheer you at. We like it more when we are proud of our snacks.

  • The Clingy Type

Now these ones I think would be happier if you were attached to their hips so that they can always know your whereabouts.  So we have a good thing going on but you got to give a girl some room to do her thing. Stop calling every five minutes asking her where she is who she is with and what she ate like five minutes ago. Stop showing up uninvited at her girls outings!