So yesterday I had this thing that I usually hate, auditions, and yes I know hate is a strong word and it is all in my head and all those positive affirmation I am supposed to use to shake off the hate but I do hate auditions. The worst thing is that it is part of a process that I can’t skip so as to get a job. Maybe one day one day I will be in A list and they will create characters with me in mind… anyway enough of my wishful thinking this post is not about that. This post is about how to feel or look rich.

The dressing requirement for the audition was to look rich (use own interpretation of rich), wear dress or skirt that is figure hugging but not trashy, avoid dark colours and wear heels. Riu rii, we know that I am not rich in the actual sense of being rich, this mama here has not upgraded her wardrobe since she started popping out babies and the last time I bought a pair of heels was back then when I was still in the market not imagining one day I will be very rounded with two babies in my tummy. Back then when I could walk the streets of Kanairo with a pair of six inch without a care in the world. Back then when backaches were an old woman’s  thingy and any pelvic or hip pain was from too much nini (if you know you know). Anyway enough with the reminiscing and back to my audition and feeling rich.

 I settled on wearing a white dress I had bought last year for a funeral (didn’t have any other choice), did my simple everyday makeup, put my hair in a simple bun, adorned my earlobes with my mum’s old pair of gold coated earrings for good luck, stepped into my everyday shoes with a nice blocked heel that I can walk with everywhere and stepped out of my house head held up high and feeling very rich.

The auditions were somewhere along Ngong road and from the main stage I had to walk for a  couple of kilometers or take a boda.Since I was a bit early I decided to walk as I internalized my monologue but just after taking a few steps I got a lift. It was a driving school car and the driving instructor thought I was too smart to be walking and he didn’t want me to get dirty and so I hoped in. Small talk here and there and we arrived at my destination He had one of his students take my number and they all wished me good luck with my audition.  Me I tell you, si I stepped out of that car feeling richer!

There were other “rich looking” ladies and I joined them. Two hours later I auditioned and walked out still feeling rich wasn’t sure how I felt about my performance but I was high on adrenaline and so I decided to walk it off towards the stage. Few meters away I got another lift but this time I turned it down because I was feeling sweet, rich and high on adrenaline. The air was fresh, the breeze was cool and I enjoyed my walk back to the stage. If I had some extra cash on me at that point I would have bought myself a very big chocolate or something to maintain my high (legal stuff though).

Anyway the whole point of this rumbling is to remind you that your attitude in life will determine the energy you have. Put on a positive attitude towards life and your days might be easier. Let your 5obob Gikosh top stand head in head with the Vivo clad counterparts. Do not be worried about price tags. Put on your best attitude, accessories it with confidence and go shine!