Finally A House help.

I went on and got myself a house help. This is the one thing I have been avoiding and dreading but I just realized I just can’t do without one. As a kid I went through a horrifying experience with our house help and I swore that I when I had my own children I will raise them myself to a point where they can be able to communicate, defend themselves or report any kind of wrong doing inflicted on them. When I had my twins I put aside everything else and they became my priority and even if I had help I was always there for the kids and if I had to be away their father or grandparents were always there. When my then house help left for collage baby number two, or is it three, had arrived and the twins were a little bit independent so I never replaced her. My husband and I would work around our schedules taking care of the kids and when that didn’t work out their grandparents always came through.

By July all the kids had enrolled to school and I thought finally freeeeedom… I thought “mama it’s time for you to get back out there full force” hee shock on me! My days became even crazier. What with dropping off the kids to school and picking them up, clean uniforms every day, homework etc. I only had between 7; 30am and 3:30pm of freedom. Couple of weeks before the kids had enrolled to school I begun working on Dog TV Kenya and by the time the kids were enrolling to school we were out visiting kennels almost every day, so my husband and I worked on our schedule again. I was in charge of morning activities including drop offs and he was in charge of evening activities including pickups. Before Nimmo joined the twins in school I had to carry her with me to my shoots when no one to babysit her.

With Husband working half day that means half monie and with mommy being up and about and still running a house  exhaustion and fatigue settled in, which translates to, a moody mum! I found myself getting easily frustrated and I would easily snap and to make matters worse I could barely afford 30minutes for my yoga practice which kind of calms me down.

I knew it was finally time for me to face my fears, I knew I had to take a leap of faith and get a house help. So I made the call and the search began three weeks before she arrived I got a nasty flu that knocked me down for a whole week and that affirmed my decision to get help around the house. That week I got a day burg to do some laundry but that is a story for another day but man did I regret that decision. Anyway after about a month of search my house help arrived and we are getting along quite well. The kids being at school majority of the day makes it easy for me to adjust and as the days passes and I watch the kind of relationship developing between the help and the kids my anxiety settles bit by bit.

And before you ask no I do not have a nanny cam yet I want to observe first and keep open communication lines between all the parties involved in this new setup. Before you sign out kindly let me know your opinion about nanny cams and while at it give me a few tips to creating a nice relationship with my help.