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I survived a house help from hell. I do not recall how it all started but I do recall that this was someone that had stayed with us for a while. My mum never knew about it and I Read more

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Finally A House help.

I went on and got myself a house help. This is the one thing I have been avoiding and dreading but I just realized I just can’t do without one. As a kid I went Read more

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I am a mother. I am a mother of three.I am a mother of two five year olds who enrolled to school last week. Haiya! When did all this happen? Where did the time go to? When I sent Read more

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Stronger Than I thought.

It’s amazing how fast time flies when one has lots of stuff to do . In my case raising twins. It feels like it was just yesterday I was in labour but it’s been 15 weeks. Every week there Read more

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Yummy Yum

During my pregnancy there were a couple of things that I really missed and one of those things is my taste buds. Throughout my pregnancy I had a metallic taste home altered the taste of everything I ate. Sometimes Read more

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Bundles of Joy

As a mother there are no words I have in my mind that I can satisfactorily use to describe that moment when the midwife says one more push and you feel your baby slide out of your body and Read more

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